Texas As I See It Front Cover


“In Texas As I See It, Harris portrays the great state of Texas in a detailed and vibrant style. From the majestic beauty of a Texas sunrise to the soaring drama of abandoned grain elevators, his lens reveals to us a varied and wondrous landscape.”

Ebby Halliday
Chairman of the Board
Ebby Halliday, REALTORS

“Texas As I See It shows us sprawling landscapes and wide open spaces—exactly what we expect from this great state—but he also shows us the rarely glimpsed or never before seen images that open our eyes and provide a fresh perspective.”

Terry G. Box
Native Texan and Sheriff of Collin County for 26 yrs.

“Texas As I See It does a nice job of capturing the many different looks of Texas, all through the experienced lens of Harris’s camera.”

Will Wyatt Houston-Area Firefighter and Author of And a Paycheck Too

“As a photographer I can appreciate Harris’s eye for detail and for the obscure. I appreciate how he is committed to his own unique style, his book “Texas As I See It” is a must have read.”

Christopher Fritchie, Photographer

Warren Paul Harris captures the seemingly insignificant, rarely noticed spaces and interesting enclaves of the many back roads of the great state of Texas. As modern as most of our cities have become, Harris’s work reminds us that we rest on the souls of a rich history so beautifully caught by his artistic eye and photo lens.

Mary Tomás
Painter and Gallery Owner
Mary Tomás Studio Gallery

What my readers are saying:

" This is amazing photography whether you live in Texas or not. I highly recommend it."

"curled up on the couch sunday morning with a cup of coffee and your beautiful book...so enjoyed every photo and your comments on them...no wonder it's a HIT!"

"Just bought two of these books and it is absolutely fabulous!!!!"


One of my friends / clients called me yesterday after looking through about 1/3 of the book I had left for him. He said some very profound things about the effect of reading through the book and examining the photos.

He felt he had been given a new insight into the mind of his God. That he now understood how his God finds everything beautiful, even though we see ugliness. How while we are tied up in fretting over hardships in our lives, God is cruising creation on his Harley and appreciating the environment from a completely different level.

I was handed the title of "Gods Photographer" yesterday. I have not had such a humbling conversation in I don't know how long.
"I've been calling Warren the Ansel Adams of Texas. Correction: Ansel was the Warren Paul Harris wannabe of California. You go Warren."

"The photos were Amazing. What a great book and to see our awesome state of Texas. Loved the preview."

"I just know you will have many sales of your "coffee table" book! The photos are amazing. A lot of effort went into putting it all together."

"Warren Harris is an amazing talent. The images captured within this publication are truly exceptional. Insightful, delightfully composed images that speak volumes of truth about the great state of Texas. If you haven't purchased this collection yet, you should. You will not be disappointed with your investment, and you will be supporting great art from an exceptional artist!!! Your photographic contributions to the documentation of Texas history are greatly appreciated Warren. Great job! Thank You"

" We both enjoyed your book very much. Its an interesting take on rural Texas.

I absolutely love the book. The pictures are just beautiful and I love the comments Warren has about them. It's fascinating to me to see these pictures through the eyes of the photographer. He is truly an artist. I decided to leave one of the books out on my coffee table for people to see when they're looking at the house and take the other one home for me. I'm going through it slowly because I'm reading each comment and really studying the photo. Please tell Warren how much I am enjoying his wonderful talent!

I love my new book!

" The package came this afternoon. For weeks, we have been hovering around 98 - 105 degrees, and so the box was hot and heavy in my hands. What a delightful surprise. It reminded me of the heat of a Texas summer. The photos showed that my old memories are right, that much of the state is fairly flat, with a wide bowl of sky that dominates the landscape. Most of the pictures exude heat and stillness, especially those that have rust in them. I turned the pages slowly because I didn't want the book to reach the back cover. And the inscription was delightful."

Please thank Warren again for me....