• Specifications
    Statistical Invormation

    13" Wide by 11" High

    Originally published November 2011, the second printing (May 2018) is 1/4" thicker and .6lb heavier than the original at just under 4 lbs. Shadow detail and color is also improved. 205 hyper-realistic images spanning over 160 pages.

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  • Endorsements
    Testimonials too

    Texas As I See It is endorsed by Miss Ebby Halliday, Sheriff Terry Box and others. We have a long list of testimonials from happy owners of this vibrant coffee table book. Click the link below to see what everyone is saying about Texas As I See It.

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  • Events, & Announcements Where you can actually see the book

    You can pick up Texas As I See It at one of our many resellers across Texas or come and see us at an art show near you. Go to our See Us page to find out where we will be next by simply checking the calendar.

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Welcome to Texas As I See It

Texas As I See It is a celebration of the minutiae that makes the Lone Star State unique. The nuances. The remarkable finds and oddities that pepper this vast section of the American Southwest we call Texas. I've had a lot of people tell me "There's nothing to see in Texas." That's why I created this book. As a response to that statement. To refute the silly notion that Texas is "flat" and "hot" and has nothing of beauty to entice anyone to move here. As you leaf through this book, hopefully you will fall in love with Texas just like we did over 20 years ago when we first settled in North Texas.

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About the Author

He has freelanced for local newspapers and magazines as well as international publications over the years. Warren shoots freelance projects for local businesses and government offices, participates in art shows and has found a new love of High School sports through his coverage of these games for several newspapers. His work is on permanent display in City buildings, Frisco Square, Ebby Halliday offices and in the homes of local collectors across the Metroplex.

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