Month: December 2011

Coffee Table Book Blog

New Reseller in Fredericksburg

We continue to sign up new resellers as time permits and at this time, we have 22 resellers throughout the state of Texas.  Of course this does not include the massive Barnes and Noble chain or During a recent road trip to the Hill Country for the express purpose of photographing Stonehenge II for…
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Contributing to The Arts in DISD

Today I wrote the first of many checks in the amount of $500 to BigThought.  During the process of publishing this book, we wanted to earmark a percentage for charity in hopes of making a difference.  It was important to me that it benefit The Arts, and preferably in the school system so that children…
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Please Vote For My Entry in Exposure 2011

My entry in Exposure 2011 is nearing the end of the voting period, so if you wouldn’t mind clicking on this link and voting for me (and sharing it on Facebook) I would be most appreciative! Thanks!