Month: January 2013

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1/3/2013 Daily Photo: Infrared Tree Canopy

One of the interesting characteristics of black and white infrared photography is that plant structures containing chlorophyl are rendered a snowy white.  This can make for some dramatic scenic images.  The downside to IR photography is that it, like HDR photography, can become a crutch.  A gimmick.  Rather than employing creative composition to produce dramatic…
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This day in Texas History: Presidio County Established

This day in Texas History: (from the Texas State Historical Association archives) Presidio County established January 03, 1850 On this day in 1850, Presidio County was established from Bexar Land District with Fort Leaton as the county seat. The area around the present town of Presidio on the Rio Grande, known as La Junta de los Ríos, is…
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