A very non-Texan-like rejection letter

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A very non-Texan-like rejection letter

A very non-Texan-like rejection letter…

All y’all who know me are familiar with my conversational style of writing by now I imagine – and I try not to take myself too seriously (sometimes successful — sometimes not so much) so keep that in mind and check this out:

I’ve had my share of “rejection letters” in my life, but this is pretty special.  Last December I sent what I thought was an innocuous message to Ride Texas Magazine to see if perhaps we could collaborate. It took almost 5 months for the Publisher to think up the following snide response.

Here’s what I sent them last December:



I’ve been riding / driving the backroads of Texas for years. My first book, Texas As I See It, celebrates the minutiae that makes the Lone Star State great. I’ve been shooting for 4 more planned volumes on Texas – and have most of a Route 66 book in the can.

At a minimum, I think you should interview me on this topic.


And here is today’s response from Valerie Asensio:

Warren — I wish you much success with your photo series. However, I’m confident we’ve covered more of Texas with a team of writers in our 15 years of publication than you conceivably could. Five journalism awards speak to the quality of that coverage.

Your bull-in-a-china-shop approach is a non-starter with me. “Knowwattamean? “


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