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Texas As I See It is a coffee table book of Texas photography.

But it is more than just photography.  Texas As I See It is a vast assortment (205 images) of Fine Art imagery, enhanced to convey a hyper-realistic effect.  Many of these images look more like illustrations than photographs.  So while all the images in this first (of three) volume were taken in The Lone Star State, what you will see in the 160+ pages of this book, is Fine Art.

Endorsed by Miss Ebby Halliday and the Sheriff of Collin County, among others, Texas As I See It is an excellent gift for native Texans or anyone who appreciates Fine Art.

The second printing is due to arrive in January 2018.

At only $44.95 this 2lb 15oz coffee table book is a heck of a deal and y’all should go directly to the website and buy it right now.

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