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December 4, 2012 Daily Photo

Today’s photo comes from Volume II of Texas As I See It.  This volume is slated for release sometime in 2014, time permitting.  There are still 12-20 images I need to capture for this volume and they are scattered from one end of The Lone Star State to the other.  Volume II will be entirely…
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Winston Makes News Again

For the last 2 weeks, our acerbic baby Mockingbird “Winston”, has graced the pages of the Dallas Morning News Sunday Edition. On November 25, page 13E in the Arts & Life section prominently featured the little guy after he neatly took his first Picture of the Day slot the previous week. On December 2, he…
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Today’s Image – San Antonio Sunrise

Today’s image comes from Volume II of Texas As I See It.  Slated for completion and release in 2013, Volume II will be all time-exposure photography of The Lone Star State. Pure Gold San Antonio Sunrise Copyright 2008 Warren Paul Harris all rights reserved

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