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A Fortuitous Change of Plans

In the middle of a 2500 mile Route 66 loop… May 2011 involved a lot of driving… As part of a 2500 mile road trip that took us from Frisco, Texas (where we lived for 9 years before realizing we belonged in Dallas) through New Mexico and Arizona and looping around through El Paso –…
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Why Would Anyone Want to Move to Texas?

Originally written in 1999, I think it’s time to resurrect this piece from the archives Some People Think We’ve Lost Our Minds (Why would you ever want to leave Marin?) ©1999 Warren P. Harris As a result of a family get-together in Dallas last year, my beloved and I have decided to pull up stakes…
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Texas Shaped Waffles Are Fun – and Delicious!

Our grandsons Ryan and Tyler are native Texans and I humor them in any interest they show in their native state, history and minutiae.  If grandpa has anything to say about it, these boys will grow up to be proud Texans with a good knowledge of this amazing state. When the kids recently discovered Texas…
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Munzee Marketplace is our Newest Reseller

Please join us in welcoming Munzee Marketplace in McKinney as our newest vendor. In addition to carrying our coffee table book, Texas As I See It, Munzee Marketplace also has a sizable selection of our Texas Note Cards to choose from.  But wait… There’s more! Munzee Marketplace is something the McKinney Square has needed for a long…
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Warren’s advice du jour: Never post…

Warren’s advice du jour: Never email, tweet, text or post anything you don’t want to see on a billboard tomorrow.      

Remember Those Cowboys From the Silver Screen?

Remember the Golden Age of Westerns?  Where he good guys wore white hats and the bad guys wore black hats?  That made it pretty easy to identify the bad guys, didn’t it? Well, I was recently alerted to a web page dedicated to the actors and films that made this particular era great and just…
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Proctor and Gamble Recalls Tainted Pet Food

Proctor and Gamble has issued a fairly large voluntary recall of both their Eukanuba and Iams brand cat and dog food. Check the recall web page to see if you have any of the Salmonella tainted food in your home right away!:

Dallas Pioneer Cemetery

Most people are not familiar with one of Dallas’ most remarkable landmarks right in the heart of the City.  Nestled in the crook formed by the intersection of both wings of the Dallas Convention Center is the Pioneer Cemetery. A massive bronze sculpture of a cattle drive crossing a creek is one of the highlights…
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The Best-Kept Secret in Texas Music

The Best-Kept Secret in Texas Music If y’all are not yet familiar with The Derailers out of Austin, you’re missing out. My personal favorite Texas band, these guys perform a very cool blend of Classic Country with a British Invasion sound added to the arrangements. They also do some killer Rockabilly, Buck Owens and put…
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People Ask: How Do You Find Your Photos?

During presentations and lectures, one of the most common questions I get is “How do you find all these interesting things you shoot?” The answer is multi-faceted.  I receive my inspiration from varied sources: Friends and acquaintances frequently mention some interesting thing they’ve seen in their travels, at which point I whip out my iPhone…
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