Counting Down To Delivery

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Counting Down To Delivery

On a slow boat from China…

Well buckaroos and buckarettes, we are getting closer to delivery of the second printing of Texas As I See It with every passing day.

  • The Freighter

Here’s the timeline:

Currently there are 3,000 copies of this incredibly popular coffee table book on a boat somewhere in the Pacific Ocean headed for Los Angeles.






As soon as they clear Customs in El Lay, we will get a heads-up.

Then it will be 3-5 days via truck (a very BIG truck) to Dallas.






A forklift will transfer 12,000 lbs of books from an 18-wheeler to a smaller truck (that can get into our parking lot) in Dallas.







The aforementioned smaller truck will make a beeline to our Richardson studio.






At this point comes the hard work.







Hustling 250 cases of books (50 lb  each) from pallets through a narrow hallway into our storeroom.






We are trying to book a local Boy Scout troop or football team to assist in this.








So that’s the scenario so far.

We are anticipating delivery somewhere in the February 23rd-ish time frame.

So if y’all would like to save a few $$$ on your order of this book, now is the time to do it.  Pre-ordering saves you $5 per book.  Once our shipment arrives, the pre-order discount is history.


In less than 3 weeks we will have our shipment of books, endorsed by Miss Ebby and Sheriff Terry Box among others.

Pre-order: $39.95 each signed.

Case price (13 books) $479.40 + tax = $518.95
FOB Dallas / Richardson
(you save $43.24)

(In Texas, add 8.25% sales tax)

Order online or send me an email with what you want and mail a check to

Warren Paul Harris Photography
5722 Campbell Rd. Ste 113 #169
Dallas, TX 75248

After our delivery arrives the prices go to $44.95 signed and $49.95 personalized.

So order yours today and SAVE!


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