December 4, 2012 Daily Photo

Today’s photo comes from Volume II of Texas As I See It.  This volume is slated for release sometime in 2014, time permitting.  There are still 12-20 images I need to capture for this volume and they are scattered from one end of The Lone Star State to the other.  Volume II will be entirely time-exposures and requires a great deal of time and preparation (to say nothing of research) to complete.

This image was taken as part of a commercial architectural shoot for Newman Village in Frisco, Texas.  While photographing various elements of the property, I noticed the moon was going to intersect a space in the central sculpture if I waited long enough.  This is the final shot.

Full Moon Through Sculpture
Newman Village
Frisco, Texas
Copyright 2011 Warren Paul Harris
all rights reserved

Full Moon Through Sculpture
Full Moon Through Sculpture


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