December 5, 2012 Daily Photo

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December 5, 2012 Daily Photo

Today’s photo comes from Volume III of Texas As I See It.  This volume is slated for release sometime in 2015, time permitting.

Originally, this shot of Stonehenge II was to occupy the last page of Volume I – and was part of the reason for a 2,500 mile Route 66 road trip in 2011, culminating in Kerrville by way of El Paso and Marfa.

But, as luck would have it, when we were ready to depart Alpine (which we found much more interesting than Marfa) for Kerrville, our online research revealed the monument had been moved. … with no indication of it’s new location.

So just after Christmas of 2011, we headed to San Antonio via Ingram, the new home of Stonehenge II and arrived around 3pm with the express purpose of capturing this shot with the sun behind the structure.

This will be the cover of Volume III

In researching this Texas oddity, I discovered there were 36 different versions of Stonehenge in the United States.  Consider this:  36 different people, at some point in time, stood looking out their window, turned to the person next to them and said… “You know what we need right there…”  My personal favorites of the bunch are StoneFridge in Santa Fe and CarHenge in Nebraska.

Stonehenge II
Ingram, Texas
Copyright 2011 Warren Paul Harris
all rights reserved

StoneHenge II

StoneHenge II


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