Finally Some News On a Reprint

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Finally Some News On a Reprint

Well, it’s been over 3 years since we ran out of books.

Finally we are on track for reprinting volume 1 of Texas As I See It

Currently we should be receiving another 3,000 books sometime after the first of the year.  As soon as we have an order placed, I will have a pre-order button live on the website and Facebook page so y’all can take advantage of the discounted pre-order program.

Pre-orders will be $39.95

Orders placed after our shipment arrives will be at the full price of $44.95

Also, I’ve been steadily working on images for volume II and III.  As soon as we have cash flow from the reprint I will start working on getting Volume II in the pipeline.  The 2nd volume is all time-exposure middle of the night photography.

Like this:

2015 Dallas Skyline Supermoon








On a side note, y’all might know that we travel the back roads and hinterlands of Texas looking for the minutiae that makes Texas what it is.  During our travels we find a lot of interesting oddities.

I recently published my first feature length video on the Great State of Texas.  I will refine it over time and there are some interesting plans afoot as a result of it being discovered.  I can’t talk about it at this time, but when things start to move, those subscribed here will be the first to know.

Something I discovered researching Route 66 along the Panhandle back in 2013 is that fact that we have something amazing just south of I-40.  Near Claude, Texas, the roads running parallel to the Interstate are named in the International Phonetic Alphabet as you go south from I-40.

That’s right.  Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India, Juliet, Kilo, Lima, etc.

Check it out:


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