Have You Seen Our YouTube Channel?

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Have You Seen Our YouTube Channel?

Did you even know we had a YouTube channel?

Probably not, but then again we didn’t have a lot of content – until very recently.

Like this last week.

We have recently enlisted the help of a new Marketing Wizard in getting the word out about the 2nd printing.  Said Wizard wanted a 60 second video (something we already had – but not what we really wanted.)  So we set about producing the video that had been percolating in my head for years.  Then our Marketing Wizard got all excited and wanted MORE videos.  And the rest, they say (whoever THEY are) is history.

We’ve been very busy producing, editing and uploading a wad of videos culled from a single shoot.  The concept is one we’ve wanted to do for years.  To show the entire book as the pages are turned from cover to cover.

So… This week we set up a Rube Goldberg contraption and shot it.

And then edited it.

And edited it.


That’s enough for now.





We have one unique video we think you’ll particularly like.  It’s a 60 second video of page-turning the entire book.
Wait just a minit there Speedy!  How the heck did you turn 166 pages in 60 seconds?
…you might say.

Well… I didn’t.  What I did, was turn every single page – in a little more than Six Minutes.  Then I hyperlapsed the video manually to create the effect you see here.


The entire YouTube channel also contains the full-length version of this in addition to 60 second clips of all 8 chapters.

So please subscribe, LIKE, comment and SHARE our videos.  The more subscribers we get, the more features YouTube enables for us.

Our YouTube Channel is here:

Click the image to visit our channel.


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