Iconic Big Tex is Available in a Jigsaw Puzzle Now!

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Iconic Big Tex is Available in a Jigsaw Puzzle Now!

Big Tex is now a Jigsaw Puzzle

A few months back I was approached about the idea of partnering with a local printing company for reproducing my composite image of Big Tex in state of the art jigsaw puzzles.  I was intrigued by the idea and we came to an agreement, inking the deal in August of 2021.

And we were OFF to the races (so to speak).

Just in time for the 2021 State Fair of Texas, my composite image of the iconic giant-sized cowboy we all know and love as “Big Tex” has been licensed by a The Puzzled Co for reproduction in jigsaw puzzles.

But not just ANY old jigsaw puzzles.

These are State of the Art jigsaw puzzles, printed in very high resolution on sturdy PVC substrate and then waterjet cut with great precision.  They look GREAT, feel good and are WASHABLE.  So if y’all get to eating pizza while puzzling the hours away on your dining room table, you won’t ruin your puzzle pieces, just give ’em a little bath, dry ’em off and they’re good as new!

Mosey on over to their website to order your #BigTex puzzle today!





It took me about an hour or so to assemble the 12×16 version you see here.

The PuzzledCo in Dallas is turning these out as fast as they can, so place your order soon.

They are available in a variety of sizes and complexities.

If you go to ThePuzzledCo.com website, you can read the story about how this particular image came to exist, see before and after versions and learn about the collaboration that brings Big Tex to life in these fine art quality jigsaw puzzles.

It seems like lots of us have rediscovered jigsaw puzzles as a side effect of this infernal pandemic,  What better to add to your collection than the one and only Big Tex?



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