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Massive Site Update

Arlington Towers
Arlington Towers

Since I’ve been very busy collecting new images lately, it seemed I had better do some updates to the website.  As a result, I’ve not only added a lot more photos, but reorganized the site into separate pages for each book.  Currently in production are three books.  Two daylight volumes and an After Dark book.

If you go to the main website and select “Portfolio” – now you have the option to browse all three books – re-categorized to match the actual working book chapters.

Each daylight book is organized into eight chapters.

• Architecture
• Desolation
• People / Events / Activities
• Flora and Fauna
• Frisco, Texas
• Scenic Texas
• Uniquely Texas
• Unusual Texas Finds / Oddities

Originally, the site had only a small percentage of the working book contents posted.  Now, every image currently allocated for the production run is included in the website, largely for purposes of browsing by collectors.  My Texas Collection is diverse and unique, in that my style is not that of pure photography in the strictest sense, but rather an illustrative style, heavily processed, with vivid colors and textures.


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