New Reseller in Fredericksburg

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New Reseller in Fredericksburg

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We continue to sign up new resellers as time permits and at this time, we have 22 resellers throughout the state of Texas.  Of course this does not include the massive Barnes and Noble chain or

During a recent road trip to the Hill Country for the express purpose of photographing Stonehenge II for the 3rd book in the Texas As I See It series, we investigated numerous galleries and resellers we thought might be a good fit for Texas As I See It.  We also captured a substantial collection of new images for Volumes II and III of the series, including the photos you see here and a Studebaker and a Packard sitting in a field at sunset on the last day.  Amazing find!

Stonehenge II

Stonehenge II - Copyright Warren Paul Harris





Our newest reseller is:

Fredericksburg Art Gallery
314 East Main St.
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

In addition to our book, they are an amazing gallery of high-end Fine Art — and a wine tasting room.  If you want to browse our book while you’re in the Hill Country, stop in, have some wine and peruse their fine collection of art while you’re at it.

If at any time, one of our resellers is out of stock, please place your order with us (PayPal button on our home page) and your order will be shipped the same day if placed in the morning.  Your order will leave the next day if we receive it is placed after noon.  Shipping in the U.S. is only $4.75.

(and please let us know if you cannot find Texas As I See It at one of our outlets)


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