Pre-Ordering for 2nd Printing Starts Today

Well buckaroos and buckarettes, it’s been a long road, but today marks a milestone.

The first printing of Texas As I See It sold all 3,000 copies in 3 years.  We have had so much else going on that we just could not commit the resources to a reprint.  Until NOW.

Endorsed by Ebby Halliday and Sheriff Terry Box among others, this critically acclaimed coffee table book will once again be available in the near future.

We are placing our order for the 2nd printing (3,000 copies) of Texas As I See It today.

Therefore, this point in time marks the start of pre-ordering for the 2nd printing.

Retail price for Texas As I See It is $44.95 ($49.95 personalized)

Pre-order is $39.95 ($44.95 personalized) and you can order yours right here.


TX Book Preorder

Texas As I See It Volume I

See a preview of the book below.

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