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2015 Calendars Available NOW

We have 2015 calendars available in several themes. This is the time to order if you want them by the end of the year. They are each individually printed and assembled right here in North Dallas using heavy card stock produced in Texas as well. When we say “Made in the Great State of Texas“, we mean it.…
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Growing Collection of Texas Pride

In case y’all haven’t noticed this unique fact, Texas is the only place on earth where a large number of our citizens will take anything that holds still long enough and paint it like the state flag. Yep.  Walls, roofs, cars, trucks, planes, mailboxes, gates, you name it.  At the first opportunity we’ll paint it…
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New Reseller in Fredericksburg

We continue to sign up new resellers as time permits and at this time, we have 22 resellers throughout the state of Texas.  Of course this does not include the massive Barnes and Noble chain or Amazon.com. During a recent road trip to the Hill Country for the express purpose of photographing Stonehenge II for…
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