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1/20/2013 Daily Photo: Going North

This image of the railroad tracks headed north out of Frisco is on page 146 of Texas As I See It Volume I Taken one-handed with a Canon Rebel and ultra-wide-angle lens at arm’s length to produce this ants-eye view. I had “seen” this shot as I walked across the tracks to photograph Frisco’s historic…
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1/18/2013 Daily Image: Capitol Zoom

Capitol Zoom Austin, Texas State Capitol Time-exposure without a tripod February 4, 2012 Copyright 2012 Warren Paul Harris all rights reserved

1/17/2013 Daily Image: SoCo Capitol

The Texas State Capitol building is remarkable from most angles, but seeing it jutting between the skyscrapers of Austin when looking from South Congress Avenue is quite dramatic. SoCo Capitol Austin, Texas View of the Capitol from South Congress Avenue Copyright 2012 Warren Paul Harris all rights reserved

Daily Image: The Message

While photographing the Rowlett Creek Cemetery in 2008, I was intrigued by the condition of the steeple on this little chapel.  It looks (to me) like a bolt of lightning made some significant alterations to the spike atop this little church. This image is slated for inclusion in a future edition of Texas As I…
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1/15/2013 Daily Image: Dallas Confederate Monument

Not many people know this Confederate Monument exists. Let alone that it is right next to the Convention Center in Pioneer Cemetery. The other thing most people don’t know is that there is a Confederate Cemetery on MLK Blvd in South Dallas. Am I the only one who finds that ironic?… Find this fascinating monument…
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1/14/2013 Daily Image: State Fair Cafeteria

On page 44 of Texas As I See It Volume I, this is the view you would get it you were sleeping on one of the dining tables in the Texas State Fair cafeteria.  While waiting for my wife in the cafeteria, I became mesmerized by the repeating images of the Coca-Cola-themed tables and benches…
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1/13/2013 Daily Image: Dallas Skyline

On page 152-153 of Texas As I See It is my version of the Dallas skyline.  I knew I needed a shot of the Dallas skyline for the book, but felt it was much more dramatic at night.  So one evening in the Fall of 2010, I made the trek down to Oak Cliff, which…
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1/11/2013 Daily Image: Lebanon Church in HDR

Originally in Lebanon, Texas (part of the Peters Colony ) now annexed into Frisco, this Baptist Church was at the intersection of Preston Road and John Hickman Parkway – near La Hacienda Ranch (great Tex-Mex food). Lebanon Church in HDR Frisco, TX Heritage Center On page 91 of Texas As I See It Volume I One…
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1/10/2013 Daily Image: Truck Stop Derrick

Toward the end of our 2,500 mile Route 66 road trip in 2011, we came upon this uniquely Texas establishment on Interstate 10 out in West Texas.  While it is not as common in Texas as it is in Oklahoma to see oil derricks scattered across the landscape, we do encounter them from time-to-time. Truck…
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1/9/2013 Daily Image: Upside-Down Plane

Upside-Down Plane Tornado Damage, Allen, Texas 4-10-08 On this day in 2008, I had been covering extensive tornado damage in Plano, Texas for the local paper when a neighbor mentioned there had been another tornado touch-down in Allen. When I heard ground zero had been this particular landing strip, I immediately called my clients that…
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