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723 Books Sold by March 2, 2012

Due to our incredible resellers, we have sold a total of 723 copies of Texas As I See It as of March 2, 2012.  The 723rd book was an order from a lady in Marin County, California.  It goes out in today’s mail.  After our last trip to Austin, we added several new resellers to…
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Press Release: Art Installation Benefits Dallas Schools

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: K K@4LegsMarketing.com 9741 Preston Road, Suite 303 Frisco, TX 75033 214.417.2197 www.4legsmarketing.com Art Installation Benefits Dallas Schools Frisco, Texas – January 17, 2012 Frisco artist Warren Paul Harris, in conjunction with the City of Addison, is displaying a collection of his work at the Addison Conference Center from January 17 through…
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Contributing to The Arts in DISD

Today I wrote the first of many checks in the amount of $500 to BigThought.  During the process of publishing this book, we wanted to earmark a percentage for charity in hopes of making a difference.  It was important to me that it benefit The Arts, and preferably in the school system so that children…
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