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A Fortuitous Change of Plans

In the middle of a 2500 mile Route 66 loop… May 2011 involved a lot of driving… As part of a 2500 mile road trip that took us from Frisco, Texas (where we lived for 9 years before realizing we belonged in Dallas) through New Mexico and Arizona and looping around through El Paso –…
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3-22-13 Daily Image: Wind Farm Vista

Toward the end of a 2,500 mile Route 66 road trip, we were headed north out of Marfa, en route to San Angelo.  Traveling through the sun-baked wilderness of south-central Texas, we saw a lot of scenic, yet desolate beauty like the image you see here. Vast expanses of The Lone Star State have been…
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This day in Texas History: Kickapoos Rout Confederates in Battle of Dove Creek

This day in Texas History: (from the Texas State Historical Association archives) Kickapoos Rout Confederates in Battle of Dove Creek January 08, 1865 On this day in 1865, roughly 160 Confederates and 325 state militiamen lost a battle against the Kickapoo Indians about twenty miles southwest of present San Angelo. A month earlier a scouting party had discovered…
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