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3-22-13 Daily Image: Wind Farm Vista

Toward the end of a 2,500 mile Route 66 road trip, we were headed north out of Marfa, en route to San Angelo.  Traveling through the sun-baked wilderness of south-central Texas, we saw a lot of scenic, yet desolate beauty like the image you see here. Vast expanses of The Lone Star State have been…
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1/20/2013 Daily Photo: Going North

This image of the railroad tracks headed north out of Frisco is on page 146 of Texas As I See It Volume I Taken one-handed with a Canon Rebel and ultra-wide-angle lens at arm’s length to produce this ants-eye view. I had “seen” this shot as I walked across the tracks to photograph Frisco’s historic…
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1/13/2013 Daily Image: Dallas Skyline

On page 152-153 of Texas As I See It is my version of the Dallas skyline.  I knew I needed a shot of the Dallas skyline for the book, but felt it was much more dramatic at night.  So one evening in the Fall of 2010, I made the trek down to Oak Cliff, which…
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1/8/2013 Daily Image: Windmill in the Trees

One of my favorite areas to explore is Prosper, Texas.  It’s wide-open spaces, punctuated with abandoned homesteads, barns and silos make for some very dramatic images and I find myself returning frequently to explore. This image was captured during one such exploration in 2011.  I felt this abandoned homestead had a story that needed to…
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1/6/13 Daily Photo: Your Table is Ready

As I was wrapping up the shoot of a rural cemetery in North Texas one day, this massive lichen-encrusted picnic table caught my eye.  The term “large” is grossly inadequate for this more-than-25-feet-long outdoor table at the New Hope Cemetery.  Scenic, yet desolate, this is one of my favorite images of all time. Find this…
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1/3/2013 Daily Photo: Infrared Tree Canopy

One of the interesting characteristics of black and white infrared photography is that plant structures containing chlorophyl are rendered a snowy white.  This can make for some dramatic scenic images.  The downside to IR photography is that it, like HDR photography, can become a crutch.  A gimmick.  Rather than employing creative composition to produce dramatic…
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December 13, 2012 Daily Photo – Tree Line in Snow

In North Texas we don’t get a lot of opportunities to photograph spectacular snow scenes.  However… the Winter of 2010 provided some spectacular opportunities across a wide area.  The third and most impressive snowfall of 2010 occurred in February, with more than a foot of snow dropped in most areas. This shot was taken in…
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December 9, 2012 Daily Photo – Going North

Ants-eye view of the railroad tracks heading north out of Frisco under an ominous sky.  You can find this on page 146 of Texas As I See It. I had seen this “shot” as I walked across the tracks to photograph the historic grain elevators in Old Town Frisco.  When I was finished, I walked…
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