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This Day in Texas History: Black Infantrymen Allegedly Attack Brownsville Citizens

This Day in Texas History:Black Infantrymen Allegedly Attack Brownsville CitizensAugust 13, 1906 On this day in 1906, black soldiers of the Twenty-fifth U.S. Infantry allegedly attacked citizens of Brownsville. The event resulted in the largest summary dismissals in the history of the United States Army. The soldiers, newly arrived at Fort Brown from the Philippines…
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This Day in Texas History: Brewmeister Opens Future Landmark Hotel

This Day in Texas History: (from the¬†Texas State Historical Association¬†archives and Wikipedia) Brewmeister Opens Future Landmark¬†Hotel January 31, 1859 On this date in 1859, William Menger opened his hotel, now a landmark, on Alamo Plaza in San Antonio. In partnership with Charles Philip Degen, he also operated a brewery on the site. The hotel is…
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