Texas Shaped Waffles Are Fun – and Delicious!

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Texas Shaped Waffles Are Fun – and Delicious!

Our grandsons Ryan and Tyler are native Texans and I humor them in any interest they show in their native state, history and minutiae.  If grandpa has anything to say about it, these boys will grow up to be proud Texans with a good knowledge of this amazing state. When the kids recently discovered Texas Shaped Waffles at La Quinta and became really excited about them, we simply had to have the appropriate waffle maker.

So we ordered one of these waffle makers from Amazon (see information below).  I’ve been wanting one for a long time anyway, so here it is.  Our first foray into making Texas shaped waffles.  It takes only a few minutes to whip up the batter, and maybe 4-5 minutes per waffle to cook them,  as with any other waffle maker, be sure to condition the cooking surface before use with a liberal application of vegetable oil.  You will likely have to throw out the first waffle (like the first pancake) but in our case, the kids snacked on the first one with no complaints.

The batter was made from scratch and the kids insisted on including rainbow sprinkles – so here they are in all their glory




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