The Second Printing Has Arrived!

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The Second Printing Has Arrived!

Well, it’s been a few years, but the second printing is finally a reality.

On March 1, 2018 we took delivery of 3,000 + new coffee table books.

The second printing is even more remarkable than the first.  Our critically acclaimed coffee table book, Texas As I See It (volume I) was a gorgeous example of fine art publishing.  The second printing eclipses it’s sibling with better resolution and color, a few updates to the information and one image replacement.  The last image in the original, the Dallas skyline at night, was always slated for Volume II – which will be all time-exposure work.  I simply did not have the skyline image I wanted as a daylight example at the time we published Volume I.  So I took this opportunity to correct that and added two different daytime Dallas skylines in the 2nd printing.  Now the  book features 205 images spanning 160 pages rather than  204.

The second printing is .6 lb heavier at 3.8 lbs and nearly 1/4″ thicker at 34″ due to using heavier stock.

March 1st, 9 pallets of books were delivered to our Richardson studio and an hour later with 7 people hustling like crazy, they were all stored safely away, with 18 cases in the back of my Tahoe for delivery.

Yesterday we had delivered books to vendors and locals who pre-ordered 2nd printings.  We also delivered quite a few books to the Post Office for delivery far and wide.  All pre-orders are now fulfilled.

  • Signed editions are $44.95
  • Personalized editions are $49.95

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Beretta Gallery in Dallas took delivery of books yesterday.  You can get a signed copy there.

Babe’s in Frisco has books.

North Haven Gardens in Dallas has books.

Ten of Arts Gifts in Carrollton has books.

Ellis County Museum in Waxahatchie will have books the week of March 19th.

Dutchman’s Hidden Valley in Hamilton will have books the week of March 19th.

More of our re-sellers will be stocking up soon.  Stay tuned for updates.

To order your signed or personalized copy of Texas As I See It, follow this link.

If you would like to be reseller for Texas As I See It or our Notecards, contact us




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