This Day in Texas History: Day 3 of the Siege of the Alamo

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This Day in Texas History: Day 3 of the Siege of the Alamo

This Day in Texas History:
Day 3 of the Siege of the Alamo

Thursday February 25, 1836

The morning of February 25, 1836 dawned with summer-like temperatures opening one of the most eventful days of the siege.

The Mexicans launched an attack with approximately 400 – 450 soldiers personally led by General Castrillon. The Matamoros Battalion and three companies of cazadores made up the attacking force. They came from the area of the river battery through Pueblo de Valero’s jacales and buildings advancing to within 50-100 yards from the Alamo’s walls.

After two hours of fighting, The Texians finally forced a Mexican withdrawal using the ditches and outworks. They inflicted only light casualties on their attackers. Sometime during the fighting, Texian sorties burned the jacales closest to the Alamo. At the same time, the Mexicans established new fortifications near the McMullen house.

As the Mexicans advanced through the pueblo, they discovered a young woman and her mother in one of the houses. Although already married, Santa Anna took advantage of the situation, arranged a false marriage, and quickly consummated the relationship.

That night, the temperatures dropped into the 30’s. Under the cover of darkness, William B. Travis sent Colonel Juan Seguin to find General Houston and ask for help. The defenders ventured out again burning even more jacales. There is some evidence that at least nine men deserted the garrison and gave information to Santa Anna where the Texians had hidden at least 50 rifles.

The day’s fighting was not a victory for the Texians. The Mexicans had established artillery and infantry entrenchments in La Villita and the Alameda, but the Texians proved that as unorganized as they were, they could fight.


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