This Day in Texas History: Dr Pepper Incorporates

This Day in Texas History:

Dr Pepper Incorporates

July 06, 1923

On this day in 1923, the Dr Pepper Company was incorporated in Dallas. Dr Pepper was first made in Waco in 1885.

Dr Pepper Dublin
Dr Pepper Dublin

Wade Morrison, owner of Morrison’s Old Corner Drug, employed a pharmacist named Charles Alderton, who, when not filling prescriptions, often served soft drinks to customers. Alderton enjoyed experimenting with various combinations of fruit extracts and sweeteners. One combination, later to become Dr Pepper, proved enormously popular with patrons.

Morrison named the beverage after Dr. Charles T. Pepper, a physician and pharmacist for whom Morrison had worked in Virginia.

Today Dr Pepper is an operating company of Dr Pepper/Seven Up, based in Plano. A collection of Dr Pepper memorabilia forms the core of the Dr Pepper Museum and Free Enterprise Institute, which opened in Waco in 1991.

Dublin Dr Pepper
Dublin Dr Pepper

The photo above is from Dublin Dr Pepper in Dublin, Texas.  Dublin Dr Pepper was the only bottling plant for Dr Pepper still producing the product using cane sugar.  All other Dr Pepper uses high fructose corn syrup as a sweetener and the cane sugar (original recipe) was highly prized.  Owned and operated by the Kloster family, Dublin Dr Pepper was the bottling plant running the longest in Dr Pepper history when their relationship with Dr Pepper/Seven Up was severed on January 12, 2012 by the parent company.

From 1891 until 2012, Dublin Dr Pepper ran continuously.  As a small operation with a compact territory, they would run the bottling machinery once a month, just enough to fill the 2,000 glass bottles that had been in circulation for decades. They were contractually obligated to distribute the Dr Pepper product in only a specific geographic area.  Their approved distribution area included cities within a 44 mile radius.  Due to the popularity of their cane sugar sweetened product, Dublin Dr Pepper had been distributing it into competing franchise territory and Dr Pepper filed a lawsuit to stop this practice in June 2011.

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