This day in Texas History: Eve of the Battle of San Jacinto

This day in Texas History:

Eve of the Battle of San Jacinto
April 20, 1836

Twin Sisters
Twin Sisters

After admonishing his troops to remember the massacres at San Antonio and at Goliad, Sam Houston and his forces crossed Buffalo Bayou on the evening of April 19.

At dawn on April 20 the Texans resumed their trek down the bayou and at Lynch’s Ferry captured a boat laden with supplies for Santa Anna. They then drew back about a mile on the Harrisburg road and encamped in a skirt of timber protected by a rising ground.

That afternoon Sidney Sherman with a small detachment of cavalry engaged the enemy infantry, almost bringing on a general action. In the clash Olwyns J. Trask was mortally wounded, one other Texan was wounded, and several horses were killed.

Mirabeau B. Lamar, a private, so distinguished himself that on the next day he was placed in command of the cavalry. Santa Anna made camp under the high ground overlooking a marsh about three-fourths of a mile from the Texas camp and threw up breastworks of trunks, baggage, packsaddles, and other equipment.

Both sides prepared for the conflict that would mark the end of Mexico’s control over the Texians.



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