This Day in Texas History: Mexican Raiders Attack Nuecestown

This Day in Texas History:

Mexican Raiders Attack Nuecestown
March 26, 1875

The Motts
The Motts

On this day in 1875, a party of Mexican raiders attacked Nuecestown. The raid can best be explained as part of a cycle of violence among Mexican citizens, Hispanic Texans, and Anglo Texans.

By 1875 raids and murder were common on the part of both ethnic groups. In late March a number of men left Mexico in small groups and met about twenty miles from where the raid began. The Mexican raiders concentrated their efforts on Nuecestown and the surrounding area, but also hit other areas between Nuecestown and the Rio Grande.

The raiders attacked homes, ranches, and stores, stealing horses and valuables, taking hostages, and killing several men. They attacked Thomas Noakes’s store at Nuecestown on March 26 and Roma, in Starr County, on April 2. Soon thereafter the band crossed back into Mexico.

Anglo residents of South Texas retaliated with a vengeance. Bands of volunteers organized “minute companies” and proceeded to hunt down Mexican outlaws, peaceful rancheros, and merchants; the avengers looted property and burned homes. Violence along the border would continue for years to come.


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