This day in Texas History: Texans assault Mexican garrison at Béxar

This day in Texas History:
(from the Texas State Historical Association archives)

Texans assault Mexican garrison at Béxar

December 05, 1835

On this day in 1835, the Texas revolutionary army began its assault on the Mexican garrison at San Antonio de Béxar. Ben Milam and William Gordon Cooke gathered more than 300 volunteers to attack the town in two columns, while Edward Burleson and another 400 men forced Mexican general Martín Perfecto de Cos to keep his 570 men divided between the town and the Alamo.

The battle ended with the surrender of the Mexican army on December 9. Texas casualties numbered 30 to 35, while Mexican losses totaled about 150; the difference reflected in part the greater accuracy of the Texans’ rifles. Most of the Texas volunteers went home after the battle, which left San Antonio and all of Texas under their control.

Benjamin Rush Milam
Benjamin Rush Milam

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