Treatment for Fire Ant Stings

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Treatment for Fire Ant Stings

If you are new to The Lone Star State – READ THIS

As a public service, we are posting some links to treatment of fire ant stings.  The best approach is to avoid them, of course, but once you have been stung (they only “bite” to hold themselves in place while they sting you), time is of the essence in treatment.

Always keep in mind that weird things can happen to you after something as “simple” as being stung by fire ants.  As an example…  My wife learned to do the Fire Ant Dance soon after we relocated here many years ago.  Being something of a slow learner, she was stung multiple times on 3 different occasions over the first year.  The last time, she began  exhibiting a severe allergic reaction.  I loaded her up with Benadryl and rushed her to the ER, where they pumped her full of epinephrine to halt the onset of anaphylaxis.

After she recovered from the stings, she was highly allergic to anything containing even a trace amount of tomato (anything) and would swell up in large red welts when exposed.  This lasted for over 2 years – and you can imagine how convenient this was (NOT) when we were in Tuscany…

The basics:

  • Once stung, Immediately start topical treatment based on the recommendations below.
  • Be alert to any signs of allergic response (red welts, swelling of the lips / tongue / throat, trouble breathing).  Anaphylaxis can be FATAL.
  • Always keep on hand some of the home remedies you find recommended on the following links (baking soda, ammonia, bleach, Benadryl, Cortisone cream).
  • But more importantly…  LOOK for signs of fire ants – and avoid them.  Mounds are NOT always necessary for a nasty infestation to be present.  These little beasts will travel via subterranean tunnels and if you dig one up, you can be in a world of hurt.  Just keep your eyes open at all times.

The Fire Ant Bite Home Remedies page
This is an invaluable resource for treatment.  Read everything, then stock up on the essentials.

Hipps Help Fire Ant Sting Treatment page
Brief and to the point.

Fire Ant dot Net
For everything you ever wanted to know about fire ants.

Wikipedia Fire Ant Page
Lots of useful information here.

Want to know even more about fire ants?
The Texas A&M Fire Ant page is very helpful.

Welcome to Texas.  Now be safe, OK?

Very Nasty and Painful

Very Nasty and Painful



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